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Planning A Puerto Vallarta Vacation? Questions To Ask Before You Rent A Private Beachfront Villa

If you're planning a vacation to Puerto Vallarta this year, don't rent a hotel. Rent a private beachfront villa and enjoy a luxurious vacation retreat. When you rent a private villa, you get plenty of room to stretch out and have fun. You can even make your vacation a group event. If you've never stayed in a private beachfront villa before, there are some questions you need to ask. These questions will help you get the most enjoyment from your vacation. Read the list below. Here are four questions to ask before you rent a private beachfront villa in Puerto Vallarta. 

Is There Private Beach Access?

If you want to rent a villa for the summer, you want to ask about beach access. First, you need to find out if there's a private beach connected to the villa. Second, you want to ensure that you'll have access to the private beach. Access to the private beach will increase the enjoyment you get from your vacation. It will also help you avoid crowded beaches while you're trying to sunbathe. 

What Services are Included?

If you want to rent a private beachfront villa this summer, be sure to ask about the services included in the package. Some private villas offer housekeeping services and a personal chef. You can also get a private concierge service during your stay. A concierge service can help you plan your vacation activities. They can also make reservations for you at local restaurants and nightclubs. 

Are There Additional Costs? 

If you're ready to rent a private villa this summer, don't forget to ask about the extra costs. Some additional fees you can expect include rental car fees and food. If your villa comes with a private chef, you'll need to pay for the food that's prepared. You might also need to pay for spa use and golf fees. When you rent your villa, ask for a list of those charges. That way you can prepare for your vacation. 

Are Families Welcome?

If you want to make your vacation a family event, be sure to ask about age restrictions. Most private beachfront villas have a family policy that allows for children of all ages. But, it's a good idea to ask about restrictions before you sign the rental agreement. If you do want to bring children, be sure to ask about available safety measures, such as pool gates and door alarms.

For more information on private beachfront Puerto Vallarta villa rentals, contact a company near you.